back pump to the max

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Squat day;

Squat[x3@9, 5%]:
150kg @8
155kg @8.5, 9
145kg @8.5, 9

2ct dl[x4@9, 5%]:
120kg @7
140kg @8.5
*drop to triples*
140kg @8
150kg @8.5
140kg @9

BOR[x8@9, 5%]:
70kg @7
80kg @8
90kg @8.5

Wow tough session, I had a mega back pump after the first set of deadlifts, so had to drop to triples - and then time ran out too so cut the rows short.

Squats felt pretty strong overall, but tech wasn't the cleanest however, I am sure it will come with time under the bar.

Apart from the lower back, the deadlifts felt reasonably strong - just need to remember not to get ahead of myself!
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