Mark Dowling

2013 Week 47 Squat and Bench - Alternative Arrangements

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Squat w/belt x 3 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 212 kgs
175 x3 x1 @7
193 x3 x1 @9.5
180 x3 x1 @8
180 x3 x1 @9.5

The top set was a touch heavier than required. I was aiming for the PR and thought it was on based on the the first work set. -1 kg from last weeks estimated max.
My car broke down on the motorway on Thursday afternoon while I was coming back from some site work (I'm office based 99% of the time). The car was towed to the closest town to get repaired and I got a bus home, two hours away. I've to go back and collect my car tomorrow so I combined the most important elements of the weeks last two sessions tonight.

Bench (touch and go) x2 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 112 kgs
90 x2 x1 @7
100 x2 x1 @8
105 x2 x1 @9.5
100 x2 x1 @8.5
100 x2 x1 @8

-4 kg from last weeks estimated max. I was doing it after squatting so perhaps that made a difference compared to usual but I think I'm just making excuses by bringing that up.
I set my attitude a bit differently for the fatigue sets and tried to own the weight rather than allowing it to own me. I cut it there to move on to pause benching.

2ct Pause Bench x3 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 106 kgs
90 x3 x1 @8
94 x3 x1 @9
90 x3 x1 @9

+2 kg PR! A bench PR! Fantastic. I did the fatigue set quite quickly after the top set. I was getting kind of eager to go home. My motivation seems to be waning slightly lately. I need to get my head right and dominate this next week coming up to the competition on Saturday.