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Update on Downtime

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Dont want anyone to think I fell off the earth's edge, so I am posting a little update.
The right shoulder has been getting steadily worse, and interferes with sleep as well as training. This is unacceptable. The pain has started increasing and radiating into the back of the shoulder and even down my arm a little. On top of that my pain free ROM in raising my arm has decreased. Its not to the point of not being functional in my daily life, but it is definitely affecting my lifting life. I remember similar symptoms before the left shoulder repair surgery in 2009. I dont want to do surgery again, most surely.
So i have decided to take 2-3 weeks off lifting of all types, only moderate stretching. After only 3 days it seems like the symptoms have dissipated, and I take this as a good sign. I will evaluate the next step later this month.
All I know is I really miss pushing iron around and not doing it puts me in a bad mood. Ask my wife.
I will be off the posting for a while but should have more updates as they happen.
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  1. Casey Miller's Avatar
    I hope you are recovered and back pain free before the new year!
  2. Mark Twain's Avatar
    Thanks Casey Miller, me too!
  3. Bull's Avatar
    I am sure you'll be back lifting painfree soon. A few weeks off doesn't hurt in the long run!
  4. Mark Twain's Avatar
    Right you are Bull, thanks.
  5. Mark Robb's Avatar
    Best of luck getting it sorted out! Hopefully without surgery becoming the main option. How are things now?