Cycle 3 (Volume) Deadlift Wave-loading & grip improving

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Today (D-B-D) started with some speed DL in wave with a couple of heavy doubles

Deadlift (conv. off the floor) w/ belt on all sets for breathing consistency
325 lbs 2x2 @ 7 (fastest reps ever with that weight - double overhand grip, PR for grip)
395 1x2 @ 8 (felt too slow to go to 405 for second wave)
335 2x2 @ 7-7.5 -- speed work, yes, but not too light!
395 1x2 @ 9 (fatigue setting in) wrapped this up with 15 ct hold for grip

Bench (paused reps - 2 ct)
225 2x4 @ 8-8.5 (PR)
225 1x4 @ 9 (Fatigue Stop)

Stiff-leg DL
265 1x5 @ 7 (doh & no chalk - no longer a grip issue)
305 1x5 @ 8 (PR for grip - double overhand with chalk)
325 1x5 @ 8.5 (PR) Decided to finish this on such a positive note (early in cycle, so I can slack volume a little)

Close-grip Press
215 1x5, 1x4, 1x3 @ 9 (Fatigue Stop)

DB Row
105 1x8 @ 6
125 1x12 (grip tired from all the deadlifting)

My hands, especially the left one, get a little sore from all the holding they do, but it's paying off.

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