Mike Tuchscherer

Last training before taper

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e1RM: 758
This was about par for the performance lately. Considering the details of this training week, I'll consider that a win (travel, early morning, no rest days, little sleep).
Weight Reps RPE
605 x 4 @ 7
645 x 4 @ 8
685 x 4 @ 9
645 x 4 @ 8
Floor Press (por)
e1RM: 482
Fatigue was catching up with me on this one pretty hard. But honestly it went alright. Plussed up a little from last time (which was also x4 @8). I'll take it.
Weight Reps RPE
375 x 4 @ 7
395 x 4 @ 7.5
420 x 4 @ 8.5
420 x 4 @ 8
420 x 4 @ 9
420 x 4 @ 9
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  1. lewishancock's Avatar
    hey mike,

    I've recently brought your RTS manual, i play rugby but i'm interested in powerlifting and like the style of training. I was wondering how to go about programming RTS into three days since i feel getting in 4 workouts and then all the rugby would be counterintuitive. Do you think something like this would be ok


    squat (squat variation)
    pause deadlift (deadlift assistance)
    bench (main press)

    deadlift (main deadlift variation)
    reverse band bench (lockout assistance)
    front squat (squat variation)

    pause ssb squats (squat supplement)
    floor press (lockout assistance)

    I Have not yet been given a gym plan for rugby and thought this would be a good place to start, using three week blocks for intensity and volume.

    whats are your thoughts, any help would be wonderful
  2. Greg Barkans's Avatar
    Have a great time at the Arnold Mike!! I believe if I read the schedule correctly you're lifting today - best of luck!