Sasha tries to make heavy weights feel lighter


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Feeling pretty good with neck/shoulder today, as well as lower body. TRAC still has stress a bit high, so not much of a drop and keeping volume on low side today. Not sure if it's just TRAC needing to get more info from me over time, but will still try to do what it says. Planning on some light cardio tomorrow to see if that affects ANS recovery.

Feet Up Bench to 110 x 3 @9, load drop 4.5%

45 x 10
45 x 10
75 x 6 @7
90 x 6 @7.5
(On vid):
100 x 4 @8 - Did not go to triple yet as knew should be couple sets away from top x3.
105 x 3 @8 - Relatively stronger here than last week. Had 105 x 5 @(new)10 then, today maybe 3 more reps in me this set.
110 x 3 @9 - Felt good. Definitely one rep left, maybe two. Drop.
110 x 3 @9 - Good. Stop there, though tempted to do another lighter set for reps. Another day

Lat pulldown - At my old gym, so weight may not correlate exactly with prev lat pulldown #s. Still aiming for very controlled movement, keeping scapula back/down from start and working muscles not movement.

85 x 12 @8.5
90 x 10 @9
90 x 10 @8.5
90 x 10 @8 - Hrm, weird how sets got easier. Think I was getting used to oh, actually *using* my poor itty lats...

Front Squats to 165 x 5 @10 (PR), load drop 3% 2 sets

Went straight to 165 after last warmup set of 135. Was aiming for 4 or 5, and had a feeling I would be more than @9, as pretty much all front squat sessions had me at (new) 9.5-10.5 (Lol, if @10 is "maybe 1 more rep", I'm guessing "max" is @10.5 and "fail" @11?). Need to buckle down and not let myself push it too much.

Things were feeling pretty good even though L trap was still a little tricky from last SSB squats, and R QL a tiny bit of ache left. However, I can tell my upper back is definitely less weak with these!

Cut-wise, right around where I left off before eating a ton a few weeks ago....+eating a ton over Easter :P. Would be best to drop a couple more pounds by the middle of June so I can ride strength rebound of maintenance till July meet. Not at all disappointing with how strength is slowly improving as it is, though.

45 x 10 - Feeling much more limber in hips than expected. Also shoulder not upset with rack position.
45 x 10
95 x 8 @7
135 x 6 @7.5
(On vid):
165 x 5 @10 - Maybe one more rep as a grinder left.
160 x 5 @9 - This actually was easier than I expected. 2 more left maybe.
160 x 5 @9.5 - Happy with set, stopped with one good one left.

DB Bench - Only a couple weeks into making 45s a regular part of worksets. Since no way to add my magnets to these DBs, will take me eons to work up to 50s...

40 x 12 @9
45 x 6 @9
45 x 6 @9.5

DB Row - Again, trying to use more muscle than movement, but not as strict as the lat pulldowns or pendlays. Think I had gotten up to 90s back in the day with more body english. Today first time going back up to 80s with "better" form.

70 x 12 @9
75 x 11 @9
80 x 8 @9.5

Finished with LYTPS with 12.5s and 17.5s for 'T'

General end-of-day stuff:

L pec, trap, lat, scapula, rhomboid, scalenes, etc buggy as usual after front squatting and benching. Been attacking with lax ball and thera-cane, which always helps. Nothing much out of the usual, I have come to learn I have to accept more DOMS on my left side as it is actually *finally* getting stronger after nerve-induced weakness. But, will still be very vigalant about keeping up on recovery techiques and constantly monitoring for any indications of nerve issue (tingling fingers/jaw, etc). R side also a bit achey shoulder area in "normal" post-good-workout fashion. Lower body pretty happy - just slight general tightness overall without one spot saying "ouch"


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