Just recieved RTS book

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So i got my RTS book... and I am all kinds of confused. I feel like I have an idea of whats going on in one chapter, then the next reaffirms that I am clueless. I know RTS is a great way to train, and Ive used auto-regulated training before. It looks like programming it for myself is going to be a bit more difficult than initially anticipated. It will all be worth it Im sure. Push/pull meet tomorrow. Should probably try and get some sleep


  1. Gormez's Avatar
    I would strongly recommend buying the progressive powerlifting seminar DVD as well, it cleared up a lot of things for me concerning long term planning, stress and intensity management and so on.

    It's quite interresting how RTS utilizes percentages in the overall planning of a macrocykle and keeping the intensity in check - it's easy to get the empression that RPE's and fatique %'s is all that is to it, but that is certainly not the case.
  2. BeanieWarrior's Avatar
    I am definitely starting to realize that that. Im starting to get a much better hang of it all (3 hours of steady reading and re reading), so once I have a full grasp of Fatigue % and how to correlates to me specifically, ill delve deeper into Macrocycles and more in-depth programming
  3. StephenMarco's Avatar
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