Sasha tries to make heavy weights feel lighter

5/12/14 Sport Form (w/sumo DLs & super stressed) 295/120/270 @148

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Meh, considering I'm in the middle of finals, little sleep, and cut I suppose I can't complain too much. Squat up from last SF, and I didn't even eat everything like I did last time, lol. I think I have decided that I'm definitely stronger with conventional than sumo dl (15 lb less), and after I finish this diagnostic week to do own RPE chart, I'll be running conventionals as competition lift for sure.

Surprisingly not all that gimpy today, though the last few days was quite tortuous with DOMS. Did lots of recovery work and pretty easy saturday workout, though.

I could have slaughtered whoever decided to make it "beach day" at the gym today (tunes suck balls)

Squat - Only thing here was I was again having issues with bar placement on L trap for a while. Forgot how much thinner bars at this gym are than at new gym.

45 x 8
45 x 10 - hips feeling great
95 x 8 @<5.5
135 x 5 @6
185 x 3 @7
225 x 2 @7.5
(On vid):
265 x 1 @9
280 x 1 @9.5 - Felt easier than expected!
295 x 1 @10 - Felt like had more in me, even though I got quite distracted before set having to put my contact back in my eye (wind+chalk, dammit!). Watching vid, depth could have been better tho.

Last SF week had 280 SQ 4/7, 290 SQ 4/11 (ate 12k cals day before, actually tracked it all, lol. I am a bottomless pit )

Bench - Was not really into it today - tired/stressed. Can tell cause I didn't curse all that loudly upon failing, lol. 120 felt hard but like I had more in me. 130 was pretty unlikely and I shouldn't have tried it (wanted to give 127 a roll, but found I left my 1/2lb magnets somewhere not in gym bag).

45 x 10 T&G
45 x 8 w/pause. Good.
75 x 5 @6
95 x 3 @7
(On vid):
110 x 1 @8
120 x 1 @9.75
130 F - Didn't really try to push all *that* hard once I knew lefty was out of the game. Shoulder came up and that was it.
(not on vid)
125 F - just for shits n giggles

Last SF week had 115 BP 4/7, 125 BP 4/11

Sumo DL - Eh, I was all over the place here. First few warmups were pretty decent, but really just lost a ton of focus and care by the end - some annoying personal issues ongoing at the time (mental note - don't check phone when want to keep concentration). Knew my sumos were much crappier than conventionals, oh well. Did give a lot for last pull, was happy at least to see how much I could do and at least *know* that pretty much the reason I stopped pulling more than I squatted was cause, well, I'm just not as strong at sumo.

95 x 8
135 x 6 @6.5
185 x 3 @6.5
(On vid)
225 x 2 @8
255 x 1 @9.5 - Harder than expected. Hips up first a bit and bar a little forward, but form not completely awful otherwise. 15 lb jump might just be it.
270 x 1 @10.5 - Grind, don't think I had 275 in me. Was in DGAF mode, tired of analyzing form, pissed of and tired, and just went there and pulled that sucker. Actually think form pretty solid considering RPE, and my sumo issues, lol. Was still quite harder than the 285 conventional pull I did last month.

Last SF week had 275 (C)DL 4/7, 285 (C)DL 4/11

Need to work on picking weights better based off of how current performance is doing, especially for craptastic bench. DLs warmups also could have been run better.

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