Sasha tries to make heavy weights feel lighter

5/14/14 TRAC (yelling at me) & Nutrition + Lotsa food

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You are showing prolonged elevated stress levels. No anaerobic training is recommended. Instead, do steady state cardio (walk, bike, etc) with your heart rate between 120 and 130 beats per minute.
Also, tiredness has been high. Try to take a nap today.
Soreness seems elevated. Perform some restoration work for the affected muscles.

Combined stress: 8 Severe Stress
Weekly Avg Stress: 4.4 High Stress
Recovery Rate: 2
Fatigue load: 8 Severe Stress

Again no nap yesterday despite TRAC telling me to do so. Insomnia was bad last night + stress. Woke feeling horrendous mentally and physically, and L shoulder/trap was really bugging me. Had diagnostics (4RM today) planned, but knew would be bad ju-ju to follow through with those plans in my current state. Was glad TRAC confirmed this, as I might have done 4RMs anyhow and likely made things much worse.

5/13 Burn rate:
2583 cals

5/13 Intake: 167p/127c/75f/1843 cals

4:44 asleep
6:02 laying down
78% sleep efficiency (yuck)

Decided to do what TRAC told me to today, lol. After my final I came home (honestly barely remember driving home), took about an hour total sleep time of a nap, and headed to the gym for cardio only. However, once I was there in my DL obsession decided to pull just some reeeeeeaaaaaly light conventionals as triples. No belt/chalk with me anyhow, and it felt awesome to do conventional again . Also light facepulls while I was there, *then* the cardio for about 35 min.

Rolled and thera-caned myself a lot too. Things were feeling pretty good eventually.

To top it off, was taking BF out for his b-day dinner at all-you-can-eat brazilian steakhouse. Decided I would get the most bang for my buck and totally ate BF under the table. Actually weighed all my meat (Ima dork). 1305 g (just shy of 3 lb) of various meat - from lamb to turkey-wrapped bacon to all the steaks including lotsa prime rib . Which in meat itself is approximately 3600 cals, 325 g protein, 260 g fat. Also had some veg, 4 rolls +butter, cheese, lotsa grilled pineapple (OMG so good!), a slice of decadent chocolate cake and one of mocha cheesecake, with lots of whipped cream. But OMG the meat was salty as hell cause I got *so* thirsty and the waiter couldn't bring me enough refills.

And when I took the kids home we stopped at a cupcakery and I of course got the BACON maple cupcake cause it's the ish And ice cream to fill in the cracks. Maybe some leftover Easter candy also crossed my lips. Was delish and will guesstimate at realistic 7k cals for the day.
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