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Work Capacity Coming back

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This week was about trying to get four sessions in and head back in the direction of the work capacity I had before my essentially two month layoff. Good progress from last week in this regard and estimated total was +27 for the week. It took two months to lose a whole bunch of strength, it will take that long to gain it back. I hope it goes just a little quicker than this as I have a birthday in six weeks and would really like to be back to setting PRs by then.

• 6/1 (Monday, 17/7 sets, 55 min) squats w/belt [x1@9, x4@9]: bwx10x3, 135x5x2, 225x3, 255, 285@8.5, 245x4x2@8.5; touch & go bench press [x6@9]: 135, 135, 185x6, 220x5@9.5, 210x5@9; dips bwx5x2—warmed up with 3 hr of working concrete and mulching, tweaked my hip somehow, momentum in squats, a bit more volume than last week
• 6/2 (Wednesday, 20/7 sets, 70 min) squats bwx10x2; deadlift w/belt [x1@9, x4@9]: 145, 235, 325x3, 355, 375@8, 395x1@9.5, 355x2@8.5, 335x4@8; floor press [x3@9]: 135x5x2, 135, 185, 215, 225x3@8.5, 2305x3@9; rope abs [x3@9]: 44x8, 66,88x3, 93x5@9—slow pace but building work capacity, pull +13 from last week, floor presses decent, and abs regaining strength
• 6/3 (Friday, 21/8 sets, 60 min) competition bench [x1@9, x4@9]: 135x5x2, 185x3, 225, 245, 252.5x1@9.5, 225x3@9, 215x4x2@9; 10.5” box squats –mm band [x3@9]: bwx10x3, 135, 135, 225, 275x3@8, 295x3@8.5, 285x3@8; overhead press [x5@9]: 45,95, 135x5@9—bench stagnant, box squats improved, first overhead presses in a long time, so decent considering, volume building
• 6/4 (Saturday, 24/12 sets, 55 min) squats bwx10x2; 2.25” deficit deadlift [x3@9]: 145, 235, 325@8, 355x3@9, 335x3x2@8; bench press –medium band [x2@9]: 135x5x2, 185x3, 225, 275, 315x2x3@8.5-9, 325x1@9; close grip bench press [x6@9]: 135, 185x6x2@8.5 superset rope abs: 44,66, 88x5x2@8—work increasing, good pace
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  1. Bull's Avatar
    I think you'll bounce back quicker than you think. In fact, the training methology I use now, takes the lifter down to very low weights for weeks at a time. I think you can actually gain from this.
  2. Casey Miller's Avatar
    Thanks Bull. I am starting to bounce back into shape, but it will take a while. I am in no hurry and enjoy just being able to train properly again. Health problems behind us now.
  3. Mark Robb's Avatar
    I'm very glad to see you on the come-back road. I agree with Bull; I bet it will come back quicker than you think.