Cycle 2 Week 1 Day 2

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Date: 6/12/2014
Competition Raw Bench
240lb x2 @7.5
252.5lb x2 @8
267.5lb x2 @9
255lb x2 @9
Comment: (e1RM in:) 288 (e1RM out:) 291.

Deadlift w/ Belt
385lb x2 @7
405lb x2 @8
430lb x2 @8.5
415lb x2 @9
Comment: (e1RM in:) 462 (e1RM out:) 473. Trying to keep my hips higher. In the short run I think my deadlifts will take a hit, but in the long run I believe this is the right change to make.

10lb x6 @6
20lb x6 @6
25lb x6 @8
25lb x6 @8.5
25lb x6 @8.5
25lb x6 @8.5
Comment: (e1RM in:) 90 (e1RM out:) 32.

Front Squat
205lb x6 @6.5
220lb x6 @7
232.5lb x6 @7.5
232.5lb x6 @8
232.5lb x6 @8.5
232.5lb x6 @9
Comment: (e1RM in:) 292 (e1RM out:) 302. PR. Overall: was conservative for the top set; was feeling sluggish, and grip/lats didn't feel totally recovered from GPP the day before. But happy with performance.