Cycle 2 Week 3 Day 2

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Date: 6/26/2014
Competition Raw Bench
227.5lb x4 @7
240lb x4 @8
255lb x4 @10
Comment: (e1RM in:) 295 (e1RM out:) 287. Felt some pec pain on the left, bottom position, possibly rotator cuff related. First two sets were mild but it was enough for the top set to hold me back an RPE. I think that was enough heavy bench for today.

Deadlift w/ Belt
370lb x4 @7
390lb x4 @8
412.5lb x4 @9
390lb x4 @8
390lb x4 @8.5
Comment: (e1RM in:) 476 (e1RM out:) 480. Good sets.

303 Tempo Bench
155lb x7 @7
162.5lb x7 @8
167.5lb x7 @8
160lb x7 @7.5
160lb x7 @10
Comment: (e1RM in:) 216 (e1RM out:) 220. PR, but kept this one light due to the pec.

Front Squat
215lb x7 @7
227.5lb x7 @7.5
242.5lb x7 @8.5
232.5lb x7 @8
232.5lb x3 @10
Comment: (e1RM in:) 302 (e1RM out:) 315. PR, but didn't have enough juice to finish the last drop set. Racked it after 3, core was giving out! Overall: Bad workout. Blah blah blah complaining but morning work outs suck, I have to really evaluate even attempting a 3 hour workout in the morning. Could barely get through this one, and I will have to monitor the pec to make sure it doesn't get worse.