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Started by trying to squat. Hips were pretty lit up today actually. I got through my warm up sets, but I could feel the right glute wasn't right. The left SI didn't exactly feel spectacular either. So I cut it. Ugh. Can't wait to heal up.

1Board Press
e1RM: 490
Just generally felt like ass today. Tired and lethargic. Difficult to focus. Did alright though. This was a solid PR. But I've only done this movement once before, so it's not like it's a huge indicator. But it does show momentum. I'll take the positive I can get right now.
Weight Reps RPE
415 x 2 @ 8
435 x 2 @ 8
465 x 2 @ 9
445 x 2 @ 8
445 x 2 @ 8
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