Cycle 2 Week 5 Day 2

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Date: 7/9/2014
Competition Raw Bench
215lb x3 @6.5
225lb x3 @7
245lb x3 @8.5
230lb x3 @8
Comment: (e1RM in:) 267 (e1RM out:) 278. Pec is feeling much better. Was at 85% this week. I'll give it another week to get to 95%

Deadlift w/ Belt
385lb x3 @6.5
405lb x3 @7.5
435lb x3 @9
410lb x3 @8
Comment: (e1RM in:) 483 (e1RM out:) 489. Good sets. Got good tightness on most of the reps by pulling shoulder blades back. I need to beat 495 e1RM before I can call this a PR. Almost there!

303 Tempo Bench
160lb x6 @7
180lb x6 @8
185lb x6 @9
170lb x6 @8.5
Comment: (e1RM in:) 220 (e1RM out:) 228. PR.

Front Squat
230lb x6 @7
240lb x6 @8.5
245lb x6 @10
225lb x6 @9
Comment: (e1RM in:) 315 (e1RM out:) 292. These have been really difficult lately. Core giving out at the top set. Might have to reexamine my front rack. Overall: pec is coming back and good deadlifts.