Cycle 2 Week 6 Day 2

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Date: 7/16/2014
Competition Raw Bench
215lb x4 @7
225lb x4 @8
240lb x4 @10
185lb x4 @6
185lb x4 @6
Comment: (e1RM in:) 278 (e1RM out:) 270. Exercise went poorly. Pec pain is still present. I told myself I wasn't going to bench with any pain today, but still ended up benching through some of it. For the next few sessions I will be going very light on bench until this is over.

Deadlift w/ Belt
375lb x4 @7
400lb x4 @7.5
425lb x4 @9
405lb x4 @8
405lb x4 @9
Comment: (e1RM in:) 489 (e1RM out:) 494. PR. Pretty nice set.

2ct Pause Squat
282.5lb x5 @6.5
297.5lb x5 @7
315lb x5 @8
315lb x5 @8.5
315lb x5 @9
315lb x5 @9.5
315lb x5 @10
Comment: (e1RM in:) 387 (e1RM out:) 389. PR. Overall: mediocre workout, have to slow down on the pec thing. Skipped the supplemental pressing.