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Post Nationals thoughts and the way ahead

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The Stats
Squat: 694, 727, 749
Bench: 435, 456 (missed twice)
Deadlift: 705, 755, 788
Total: 1973 (895kg)
Bodyweight: 118.8

Play by Play
As most of you know, I was fairly dinged up coming in to the meet. My left elbow was killing me. I had some pain in my left SI that prevented much in the way of deadlift training, then it was followed by a strained right glute that not only prevented deadlift training, but caused me to alter my squat technique. I did what I could to be healthy on meet day, but the goal was to go for the win.

My session was delayed a bit, but once we got going I felt pretty good. During warm up on squats, I felt surprisingly neutral on all my warm ups. Normally they feel SOMETHING Ė either good or bad. This felt bland. But the speed was good. I went out for my opener and it was solid. Maybe a touch harder than it should have been. So I split between my A and B plans and went to 727. I made that lift too, but it got a little out of line and I had to fight it to recover. We then made a conservative jump to 749. That was the right number too as it was a grind-and-a-half to finish that lift. Good lift though. Got one red for depth on the last one. Iím happy that was all because the glute had been really throwing off my technique in training. I didnít notice the glute during squats, but the left elbow was flaring up already. Oh wellÖ time to bench.

Warm ups on bench felt bland too. Decent speed. Not bad. Just no pop either. Just kind of meh. I hit the opener and it felt fine. We split the A and B plan on the second attempt again. This time when I pressed, I didnít arc back toward my head. It got too much toward my feet and I missed it. Same thing again on my 3rd. This had been happening in training too as a result of the elbow. I was surprised it happened with only 456, but itís definitely the elbow.

Deadlift warm ups felt good. I was actually moving the weights well. My opener of 705 was solid. Thatís usually a last warm up, but I was just glad that nothing hurt. We went with Plan A and took 755 on the 2nd. Again very solid and no problems. Went to 788 on the third. I had a little left in the tank, but I could feel the right glute complain a bit on the last one. Itís fine, but it was warning me to stop being a bone head. But that was the last pull of the competition, so I was happy that I was no worse for wear.

I won my class by 50kg. I was also 2nd place by Wilks (only 16 points behind Blaine Sumner, who did an awesome job). Iím pretty pleased with that considering the circumstances. So Iím now officially qualified for the US Team going to Finland next summer. The first mission is to heal up and then to train up. Thereís a lot of improvements to be made between now and then.

Sentimental Stuff
Going to meets like this is always lots of fun. Lifting on a team makes it even better IMO. We combined Team RTS with my good friends Matt and Sioux-z Garyís Team SSPT. So we had a nice big team helping each other. If you decide to go next year, be on the lookout to be part of the RTS team.
In addition to seeing old friends, I got to meet a bunch of new RTS folks and finally put faces to names. Not only was it good to meet everyone, by in large we did a good job on the platform too. Lots of PRís were broken and our lifters competed well. That was really good to see.

The way ahead
So I usually wrap these things up with a few words on whatís up next for me. Of course the first thing is going to be healing up. I intend to take the rest of this week as time to continue healing injuries. Then for a few weeks after that, Iím just going to do light maintenance level loads. This is my transition phase.
Iím not sure when my next competition will be. Iíd like to do one late this year (November or December), so if anyone reading this is in Europe and has a competition around that time, let me know and I may come to it. It will have to be in Europe though as I donít want to travel far away.
Thereís a reason I donít want to travel and thatís part of my plans too. Many of you know by now my wife and I are expecting our first child in a few weeks. So after the little guy (or girl, itís a surprise) is born, I plan to do a few more weeks of maintenance level loading while we get settled.

So thatís whatís coming up for me. Thanks for reading. Hopefully Iíll post some training soon.


  1. Buccioni's Avatar
    All the best friend. You deserve it. Keep going and if you'd like to compete in IPF Italian Cup let me know, you can do it.
  2. Buccioni's Avatar
    Oh, btw, Italian Cup will be held in 24-26th October in Livorno.
  3. brudman's Avatar
    Mike - it was great meeting you and congrats on yet another title belt (wouldn't it be awesome if they did WWF Title Belts instead of medals?). More importantly, congrats on the first child in a few weeks! My wife and I are expecting our first in the next couple days.
  4. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    Max, I don't think I'll be in shape by then. But maybe. We'll see when our little one actually decides to show up.

    Thanks Ben! Congrats to you and your wife too!