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Competition Raw Bench
e1RM: 457
Definitely felt stiff and creaky at the start, which means I probably waited a little too long to get back to it. Elbow has improved a lot. It was a little stiff at the start, but after I got warmed up, I didn't really notice it. That confirms to me that the squat is the cause here. Weights weren't down as much as I thought they would be. Fatigued pretty hard and fast though. Wow!
Weight Reps RPE
345 x 4 @ 6
365 x 4 @ 7
385 x 4 @ 7
395 x 4 @ 7.5
395 x 4 @ 8
395 x 4 @ 9.5
375 x 4 @ 9

SSB Split Squat
e1RM: 277
Led off with Deadlift 45%x10 (2 sets). First set was kind of a weird groove, but the second felt great. No pain too, which is good. The split squats were rough. Really light weight, but it was challenging. It has been forever since I've done hardly any single leg work, so I guess that's to be expected. Despite the poor strength, it felt kind of good to do something different.
Weight Reps RPE
185 x 4 @ 7
205 x 4 @ 7
225 x 4 @ 8
245 x 4 @ 8.5
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  1. GymRat's Avatar
    Mike, you go thumb on top of the bar with the hand grip in the squat correct??

    I had a lifter in a comp pulled up and told that in IPF the thumb has to go around the bar. Just wondering if you have been picked up at high level comps, of if it was just a misinterpretation of the rule by the folks down here.

    My understanding was that all fingers just have to be gripping the bar, meaning that thumb on top is fine, as long as it is still "gripping" the bar.
  2. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    In the squat you can use a false grip, but yes, all four fingers must grip the bar. In the bench, the thumb must go around the bar.