Cycle 2 Week 8 Day 2

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Date: 7/30/2014
Competition Raw Bench
225lb x3 @6.5
235lb x3 @7
257.5lb x3 @9
245lb x3 @8
Comment: (e1RM in:) 278 (e1RM out:) 289. Bench coming back pretty well. These felt great. Just a few pounds shy of an all time PR. I think I might be able to get a PR next testing day after all on bench.
e1RM needed to PR: 297

Deadlift w/ Belt
400lb x3 @6.5
425lb x3 @7.5
450lb x2 @10
450lb x2 @10
415lb x3 @9
Comment: (e1RM in:) 500 (e1RM out:) 469. This went horribly. Warm ups felt really good, but just didn't have that third rep. Last week I for sure I had 445 for another rep. If you saw my first rep you would have thought I had 10 reps. Against my better judgment I tried to repeat the top set, but it didn't happen. Vid below.
e1RM needed to PR: 500

1lb x4 @6
1lb x4 @7
1lb x4 @8
1lb x4 @8
1lb x4 @8
1lb x4 @8
Comment: (e1RM in:) 32 (e1RM out:) 1. Just went easy on these.
e1RM needed to PR: 32

2ct Pause Squat
300lb x4 @6
315lb x4 @7
335lb x4 @8
335lb x4 @9
335lb x4 @9
335lb x4 @9.5
Comment: (e1RM in:) 396 (e1RM out:) 399. Lower back pretty fatigued from deads, but still squatted a PR here.
e1RM needed to PR: 396