Mike Tuchscherer

I should keep logging this.

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Competition Raw Bench
e1RM: 468
My shoulder has been feeling like shit the last several days, which is why I haven't lifted much. I strained something rolling over in my sleep (real hardcore like). Today it was feeling pretty good (almost zero pain in full RoM). So I decided to bench a bit. I was careful as I went through, checking to see how it was doing. Felt fine all during the sets. We'll see how it feels post workout, but I suspect it will be fine. Elbows were sore, but improved after the warm up.
Weight Reps RPE
365 x 4 @ 6.5
395 x 4 @ 8
415 x 4 @ 8.5
415 x 4 @ 9
395 x 4 @ 9
Split Squat
e1RM: 296
I rolled my proximal hamstring before this movement just to see how it felt. Then I rolled it again afterward. After, the left hamstring felt exactly as it did before. The right one may have been a little bit tighter. It's hard to say for sure.
Weight Reps RPE
225 x 4 @ 8
245 x 4 @ 8
265 x 4 @ 9
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  1. Richie Whitehead's Avatar
    It's good to see you posting.
  2. ChadHydro's Avatar
  3. johnnysanz3's Avatar
    Do you even lift Mike?
  4. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    Not so much anymore.
  5. Michael Barmann's Avatar
    Hey Mike, I'm brand new to this autoregulation and RTS stuff. I was wondering, how are you estimating your 1RM for your lifts each day?
  6. arian11's Avatar
    Mike, did you find an upcoming meet in Europe to do or still nothing planned yet?
  7. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    Still nothing concrete. I have a few choices around end of November / beginning of December timeframe.
  8. BAX's Avatar
    Mike, what are you doing for your elbow pain? I have been having some myself.

  9. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    I tried all kinds of stuff. The only thing that worked was to stop benching for two weeks. We'll see if that turns out to be a long-term solution or not.
  10. DrChrisGibbons's Avatar
    Mike, did you try any of Kelly Starett's stuff with "voodoo band" flossing?