Week 29, Day 4 - Good work and good golf score ;)

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April 27, 2013



RTS - Week 29, Day 4

2 Ct Pause Deads x3@9(4-6% Fatigue)
8cm Towel Press x3@9 (4-6% Fatigue) 225@7
Pendlay Rows x6@9 (4-6% Fatigue) 135@7
Face Pulls 45kg x 10 x 2

Ab work and shoulder prehab


TRAC scores back improved so got in some good volume today. Nothing really special to report except that I really like the feel of those towel presses.

Also went out and played golf immediately after the workout and put in a pretty good round for me; only the 2nd time out this year and fired off a 45-42 at a really tough course. Now going ot sit around and relax on this rainy Sunday.
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  1. Casey Miller's Avatar
    Not many powerlifters play golf; you and I may be the only two. I seem to be better at golf than powerlifting
  2. FrmrHoss's Avatar
    Haha, I'd say I'm just mediocre at both. I didn't start playing until I was 23-24. Unfortunately all of my cousins are low single digit handicappers (including one who played in D-1) so I have to play and compare myself to them all the time.
  3. Casey Miller's Avatar
    I took the clubs out of the garage in March, where they had spent most of the last nine months, shot par and put them back in the garage.
  4. FrmrHoss's Avatar
    Haha, good move.

    I played my first round of the year last weekend with one of my cousins who hadn't played in 9 months. He went out and shot 34 on the front 9 and said the same thing "maybe it's time to quit..."
  5. Monetey's Avatar
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  6. StephenMarco's Avatar
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