Meet Report - USAPL Florida Southeastern Regional Championships

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Sunday 11/16/14

Meet summary. Went 9/9

247.5kg - 544.5#x1 @7.5
265kg - 583#x1 @8
275kg - 605#x1 @9.5 (Lifetime PR)

Bench Press
165kg - 363#x1 @7
175kg - 385#x1 @8
182.5kg - 401.5#x1 @9.5 (Meet PR)

252.5kg - 555.5#x1 @7
270kg - 594#x1 @8
290kg - 638#x1 @10 (Lifetime PR)

Weighed 123.3 14lbs lighter than last meet.

747.5 total so 25kg PR at 6.4kg lighter bodyweight.

Wilks improved from 410.45 to 427.19

Lost to fellow RTS lifter Kevin Phillipson.

Very happy with the results considering the Pec/Shoulder strain I suffered a few months ago.

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  1. ChadHydro's Avatar
    Very impressive, congrats on the awesome work!
  2. bummerface's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ChadHydro
    Very impressive, congrats on the awesome work!
    Really pumped.
  3. sparkskk's Avatar
    Nice work. Congrats on the PRs.