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2015 Week 04 - Cycle Week 07 - Day 2 -- Good Back Work

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Date: 21/01/2015
Bodyweight: 92.5 kg
Deadlift w/belt
e1RM: 144 kg
Fatigue: 0 %
Load Reps RPE
105 kg x3 @6
110 kg x3 @6
115 kg x3 @6
120 kg x3 @7
125 kg x3 @8
Exceed my target weight by a couple of increments, so I didn't do any down sets.

Close Grip Bench
e1RM: 124 kg
Fatigue: 4.3 %
Load Reps RPE
105 kg x2 @7.5
110 kg x2 @8
115 kg x2 @9
110 kg x2 @8.5
110 kg x2 @9
Equal to the PR est. max from two weeks ago that was set with a 5 rep set. So that's positive.

T-Bar Rows
e1RM: 72 kg
Fatigue: -5 %
Load Reps RPE
47.5 kg x7 @6
50 kg x7 @7
52.5 kg x7 @7
52.5 kg x7 @7
52.5 kg x9 @7.5
I'm delighted to be back doing these again. I really like them. I pushed the reps on the last set a little but was still pretty conservative. I also did 2 sets of 1 chin-ups on the bar and two sets of 1 chin-up on the rings. Just playing around between sets but they felt good.
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  1. Alexandru's Avatar
    Great control on the deadlifts! I'm in a similar boat with the hurt back so it's nice to see your progress.
  2. sparkskk's Avatar
    Thanks Alexandru, I hope it's going well for you. This is my second week deadlifting with the belt having not done so since last April I think. Definitely moving in the right direction, so fingers crossed I can keep it going .