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30 Jan. - Deload and Hammering Deadlifts

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Date: 01/30/2015
Competition Raw Bench
e1RM: 358 lbs
Load Reps RPE
270 lbs x4 @6
285 lbs x4 @7
300 lbs x4 @8
300 lbs x4 @8.5
300 lbs x4 @8.75
295 lbs x4 @8.5

+ 10lbs here. Very happy about this! Bench is finally moving again, now that I am getting consistently good TRAC scores for the first time in many months.
Deadlift w/belt
e1RM: 722 lbs
Load Reps RPE
545 lbs x4 @6
575 lbs x4 @7
605 lbs x4 @8
605 lbs x4 @8.25
605 lbs x4 @8.75
575 lbs x4 @8

+ 15 lbs here. Very happy with this. Starting to make those big jumps that I have been waiting for, back to where I was.
Bench (touch and go)
e1RM: 358 lbs
Load Reps RPE
245 lbs x5 @6
270 lbs x5 @7
285 lbs x5 @8
300 lbs x5 @9
290 lbs x5 @9

Same as Monday, but this is after already benching once today.
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  1. Casey Miller's Avatar
    Looking strong! Amazing what being healthy does.
  2. Mark Robb's Avatar
    Thanks Casey! I'm not 100% yet, but things are much improved.
  3. Bull's Avatar
    I haven't read your blog in a long time, but I see you're still going strong!
  4. Mark Robb's Avatar
    Thanks Bull. Sorry for the long delay. I was at Worlds and in your country!
  5. Bull's Avatar
    Yes, and I know you did great!