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Quick recap of training and meet since last post on this forum (July of last year):
- Last meet: USAPL Georgia State Championships, October 2014
- Result: 185kg squat / 140kg bench / 230kg deadlift, 1st place military division by Wilks weighed in at 84ish kg / 186lbs
- Begin 20+ week training cycle preparing for USAPL Military Nationals (in Atlanta on March 14, 2015)
- Up to this point, training has been completely dialed in... squatting and benching former PRs for reps now, deadlift is climbing slowly
- Latest e1RMs: ~200kg squat / ~150kg bench / ~250kg deadlift
- Dealing with a SI joint sprain... haven't squatted heavy in about a week and a half, haven't deadlifted heavy since Tuesday... Benched a PR yesterday, 340lbs @ 190lbs bodyweight and it feels good to rep bench with 3 cookies on the bar

So yeah... going through the process of re-habbing my lumbbar, i.e. core work, chiropractor, e-stim. I'm hopeful at this point that I'll make a quick turnaround and be ready for the meet in March.

Lastly, obligatory... I fucking love RTS.
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