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2015 Week 12 Cycle Week 15 - Test Day: Good and Not So Good

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Date: 20/03/2015
Bodyweight: 90.8 kg
e1RM: 78 kg
Fatigue: 0 %
Load Reps RPE
50 kg x10 @6
Two sets of 10 with 50 kg. Feeling okay to up to 45 % for sets of 10 next week.
Competition Raw Bench
e1RM: 121 kg
Fatigue: 0 %
Load Reps RPE
105 kg x1 @7
115 kg x1 @8.5
120 kg x1 @10
Ugh, not at all what I was aiming for. The target coming into this week was 127.5 kg if things were going well but definitely 125 kg based on how training has been going in the last few weeks. My second attempt with 120 kg was a bit of a grinder. I possibly would have gotten another 2.5 kg with an extremely slow lift but nothing for certain, so I called it there. My last warmup and openers felt slugglish all week and today was no different, no matter how I focused on the process and dominating the weight.

I have been cutting weight for the last five weeks but I've seen no adverse effect from that up to this week. My weight dropped by 1 kg this week (about twice the planned rate) despite not deviating from the plan I've been following for the last few weeks. However, I basically weighted the same as I did on my last test day. Although I do acknowledge that I'm in a caloric deficeit this time around.
Deadlift w/belt
e1RM: 215 kg
Fatigue: 0 %
Load Reps RPE
162.5 kg x1 @6
180 kg x1 @7
192.5 kg x1 @7.5
200 kg x1 @8.5
210 kg x1 @9.5
My target was 200 kg but that was very easy so I took 210 kg for a ride. That was a solid rep which looks pretty easy on video. Considering that I was struggling to get into position to pull 40 kg off the ground at the start of this cycle, I'm pretty happy with where my deadlift is at right now. I'm back at about 75 - 80 % of pre injury best.
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