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Laying some groundwork

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I stopped logging so much toward the end of last cycle (the lead up to Worlds). I had a lot going on with my move back to Colorado and just in general. Plus my training was in bad shape. I didn't do my best at Worlds, but it is what it is. I did about how I expected. But now it's time to fix things. It's time to get back in shape and get some quality training done. I'm going to start logging again. I'll try to get some video too.

Competition Raw Bench
e1RM: 416
~48hrs post comp. Single was sloppy. Not unexpected. The volume work got progressively better as I went (up to a point of course).
Weight Reps RPE
425 x 1 @ 8
355 x 3 @ 6
355 x 3 @ 6.5
355 x 3 @ 6
355 x 3 @ 5.5
355 x 3 @ 6
355 x 3 @ 6.5
355 x 3 @ 6
355 x 3 @ 5.5
355 x 3 @ 6.5
3ct Pause Bench
e1RM: 390
Smoked the single. Rep work was intense though.
Weight Reps RPE
365 x 1 @ 7
355 x 4 @ 9.5
335 x 4 @ 9
335 x 4 @ 9
BTN Press
e1RM: 212
Ring finger on rings. First rep in front, subsequent behind the neck to the back of the head. Had to hunt for the working weight a little, but settled in on it alright.
Weight Reps RPE
145 x 4 @ 6
155 x 5 @ 7.5
165 x 4 @ 7
175 x 4 @ 7.5
185 x 4 @ 8
185 x 4 @ 9
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  1. DrChrisGibbons's Avatar
    Good to have you back Mike. I was cheering you on, watching the live stream over the weekend. Got to be tough stepping on the platform knowing your prep was sub-optimal, but congrats on the team result. The SHW competition was unreal! Talk about a nail biter.
  2. ambrashura's Avatar
    Happy to see log again!
    Why singles just after a meet?
  3. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    Totally agree on the SHW. That was the best PL comp I've watched probably ever. Just an incredibly deep field, well coached lifters, well executed lifts... just good stuff.

    Why singles after a meet? Why not!
    Just kidding. The short answer is it's part of my strategy. Basically the high intensity work is the most specific work you can do. So why not keep it around, even in small doses? You can vary the dosing easily. Plus, the rep work afterward is a percentage derived from that single. So it still auto-regulates. Hope that helps some.
  4. Mark Robb's Avatar
    re; singles - can't agree more! If you are going to get good at lifting heavy weights for single, you have to stay in practice with it.
  5. marcosanchez's Avatar
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  6. zeyayixav's Avatar