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Meet rundown - IPF Classic World Championships

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On 6 June I competed in the M2, 105kg class at Salohalli, Salo, Finland.


Squat 250kg 265.0kg 272.5x
Bench 140.0 147.5 152.5
Deadlift 275.0 295.0WR 300.0X

TOTAL = 712.5kg

To recap briefly, I had a really rough second half to 2014. It seemed like one injury after another, with a torn wrist flexor, hip impingement, and numerous more minor injuries, along with more times getting sick than I can ever remember in that short a period of time. I think the first half of the year kicked my ass. Anyway, things finally started to improve after Christmas and I started to get some traction. Training was going great, doing more volume than ever, and my E1RM's were really looking good. Then I started getting beat up. My E1RM's started to slide, and I had to back off from my training volume and double or triple up on recuperative work. I didn't want to go into Worlds all beat up and in pain. Better to feel good and take what was there. So about 6 weeks out, my volumes dropped off to about 1/3 what I had been doing when I quit doing stuff that hurt or made things worse.

Obviously, I was happy with a 1st place squat, 1st place deadlift and broke my existing world record, and 1st overall. However, I was bleeding off momentum, losing strength, and out of practice with heavy weights going into this meet and did not lift to my potential.

It was a first class venue, beautiful!! The whole trip and getting to see a lot of my friends was awesome. I got to hang out quite a bit with the Gibson brothers, who also both took Golds and made WR's. It was a great time and I'm really stoked up to get better and get back on the platform!

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  1. sparkskk's Avatar
    Congratulations on the win, Mark. Sounds like you played it smart on the run in to the competition. Well done.
  2. Bull's Avatar
    I am very impressed with this. You really deserved this win. Hopefully, I'll be there in Texas next year to see you win again!
  3. kruskakli's Avatar
    Congrats to a great performance!

    (as an old Powerlifter once told me: "if you never give up, the other guys slowly dies off and suddenly your'e left as the Champ." :-)
  4. Mark Robb's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I appreciate that.
  5. Ed Podlovits's Avatar
    Mark, in your blog entry from 1/11/15, you said you received a hip impingement diagnosis and began aggressive rehab - do you mind if I ask what that rehab entailed? And what the result has been for your hip? Thanks.
    Updated 06-27-2015 at 05:37 PM by Ed Podlovits (rephrasing)
  6. Mark Robb's Avatar
    Ed, the rehab was mostly movements to stretch the hip flexors (quads, psoas, iliopsoas) and band distractions to the side and rear. I am still dealing with a bit of it, and need to renew my efforts to correct it. It is definitely affecting my squat depth, and think it was the causal factor for missing 2/3 of my squats on depth at Nationals almost a year ago. The corrective work has helped, but the problem still lingers.

    Are you having similar issues? If so, what has your experience been? Thanks!
  7. Ed Podlovits's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, Mark. Yes, I had been having similar issues. Below is my experience up to this point - I did my best to be concise.

    History: dealt with hip mobility issues for 10 years before consulting with specialists. Like you, I had difficulty squatting to depth - as well as setting up on the bench, and getting into position to deadlift.

    Diagnosis: bilateral, mixed-type Femoro-Acetabular Impingement (FAI) and bilateral labral tears. Internal rotation was 5 degrees in my left hip, and 0 in my right. Normal = 25 degrees.

    Treatment: exactly 2 weeks ago, I had arthroscopic surgery on my right hip to remove the bony impingement and repair the labral tear. 4 weeks from now, I will have the identical surgery on my left.

    My impingement was a mechanical issue (i.e. the BALL of the femur and the SOCKET of the hip were misshapen and grinding against one another), and therefore would not be corrected with rehab alone, and would likely worsen with continued training.

    If you received a similar diagnosis and are considering surgery, then I can revisit this blog entry in a few months and let you know how the rehab plays out. Best of luck dealing with your issue, regardless.
  8. Mark Robb's Avatar
    Thanks Ed. Sounds like you have been dealing with a much more serious issue than I have. I have been squatting for 30+years with no issues until about a year ago. I think the main causes are excessive amounts of time spent in a hip-flexed position while driving and mandatory sitting, this after hard training sessions. This caused my hip flexors to become short and tight, anterior pelvic tilt, etc. I have the same problem with my shoulders and for the same reason. Sitting sucks!!!! I hate it. Now i've got to try to un-do the effects. I got my shoulders straightened out, so I am optimistic about my hips as well.

    Good luck man! Hang in there. Please check back in after a while and let us know how you are doing.
  9. Ed Podlovits's Avatar
    Thanks, Mark. I promise to give an update when I am training again - probably late October/early November.

    As for your issue, I watched a YouTube video a few months back in which someone was talking about how he wears a Hip Circle ( around his legs for the purpose of keeping his glutes and hips engaged while sitting for an extended period of time. I bought one, tried it, and it works. I keep it in the car next to the driver's seat, lol. Probably not an option at work, but could be a good investment if you have a long commute, or spend a lot of time driving in general. Just a thought.
  10. Mark Robb's Avatar
    I do spend a lot of windshield time. I will definitely check it out, anything that helps would be most welcome. Thanks!
  11. Ed Podlovits's Avatar
    Hey Mark, I am checking in. Both surgeries were a complete success.

    I was cleared to resume training in late November. At that point, it had been over a year since I had done a squat or deadlift, and both felt awful. With the squat, my shoulders had become tight, the empty bar felt uncomfortable and 135 felt heavy, technique was MIA, excessive back rounding, proper depth out of the question, and pain. With the deadlift, I began by doing RDL's from the top (vs. starting from the floor), and could not even lower the bar half way down my thighs.

    Fast forward to present day, and training is beginning to click:

    It has been a looong road, but I am grateful for the experience. Technique feels dialed in across the board, and I am looking forward to steady progress. Do you mind if I ask how you are making out with your hip?