Back in the RTS saddle... again.

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I made a post similar to this many moons ago... that being said, it can be deduced that I am a recovering program hopper. Luckily, I've made some progress since my last post on here. Sadly, I should be much stronger than I currently am. Just to give a short background of my training over the past... hmmm... two years(?), to whomever may read this, I am just starting to get real momentum going again in training now. I had some health issues and had to drop a big amount of weight, so I took a break from competing for a while to accomplish that. After dropping 70lbs, I got back into some serious training, did a meet in February of 2014, and for some reason thought "hey I have some seriously good momentum here, I'm gonna try and keep it going" and decided to try and keep my strength phase going. Got injured, rehabbed, tried to jump back into training too soon, got injured, rehabbed, repeat. Anyways, it gave me lots of time to really think about training and I finally realized I wasn't training very smart, and not periodizing training properly seemed to be a big issue. I was fortunate enough to be included in a training study done by Bryce Lewis around the new year there, and that really got me back on my feet and I made some great gains, so now I'm back (kinda). I've always liked the RTS way of training, and I always keep in touch with the forums and blogs, so I figured I'd jump back into the mix.

So right now I'm kind of in a hypertrophy phase. I pulled a muscle in my glute while squatting. I took a deload week after a test week at the beginning of April. Hit a big PR during test week and somehow managed to injure my glute while squatting almost 60% of that. Go figure. I bounced back from that pretty quick.

I don't have any meets to train for currently. Maybe a little one in August. So I'm working on building some mass and working on density and work capacity. I'm currently on Week 2 of my plan.

Week 1
Day 1
Squat w/belt: 170x5 @7, 175x5 @8, 180x5 @8.5 <-- still hesitant of the glute at this point, no drop
Competition Bench: 132.5x5 @7, 135x5 @8, 140x5 @9 - no drop
Push Press - 80x 33 reps in 12 mins

Day 2
Deadlift w/belt: 175x5 @7, 177.5x5 @8, 185x5 @9 - no drop <-- glute felt good. These numbers are accurate compared to my max
3ct pause Bench: 110x6 @6.5, 120x6 @8, 125x6 @9 - no drop
SSB Squat: 120x 26 reps in 12 mins

Day 3
Squat w/chains (25kg?): 140x6 @7, 145x6 @7.5, 150x6 @8.5 - no drop
Touch'n'go Bench: 130x6 @7, 135x6 @8.5 - no drop <-- these always feel weird. seems like I am stronger with a comp pause.
Close-grip Bench: 110x6 @7, 115x6 @8, 120x6 @9 - no drop

Busy weekend - skipped day 4.

Week 2

Day 1 - 2016-04-26
Squat w/belt: 167.5x7 @7, 172.5x7 @8, 180x7 @9, 170x7 @8.5 <-- happy with this, but conditioning sucks! I was suckin air!
Competition Bench: 125x7 @6.5 <-- stopped. Felt a pull in my pec.

My pec feels good today. No pain actually, but I will probably rest it for the rest of the week to be safe. *sigh*
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