Week 3 - Day 1

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Squat w/belt
172.5kgx6 @7
180kgx6 @8
185kgx6 @9
175kgx6 @8.5
165kgx6 @8

Squats felt great. Numbers are all on par with my most recent max. Hopefully I will gather momentum and hit some PR's in the coming weeks.

Comp Bench

Why oh why do I keep trying to test this damn pec? I had a thought that I should try just board presses today, but nope. Had to go and try benching and feel it pull again. Luckily, I am not re-injuring it or making it worse.

Push Press
80kg x36 in 16 mins

Probably shouldn't have done these, as I could sorta feel my pec pull when the weight was in the rack position and the injury seems to be in the high pec/shoulder region. But I pushed through it.
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