Week 2 - Day 2 & 3

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Day 2 - 2016/05/03

Deadlift w/belt
165x6 @7
170x6 @8.5
175x6 @9
165x6 @9

A few kg short of the goal here. Fet terrible. My bicep tendinitis is in full bloom. To the point I can barely hold the bar at the top of a deadlift.
I have suffered from this for years. I attribute it to never having consistent bicep training. So, I am going to add bicep work, some rotator cuff work, and upper back work as GPP. On the plus side, I am resting up my pecs so I will have lots of time to do some GPP work.
The second part of my plan is to change my programming and template up a bit. My original plan was to do a basic hypertrophy block with some density work, but I have too many lagging muscles and imbalances which are holding me back. So hopefully with some changes I can fix those weak muscle groups, and get some pain free training in and pick up the momentum again.

Day 3 - 2016/05/05

Squat w/chains
145x5 @7
150x6 @8
155x5 @9
145x5 @8
145x5 @8.5

Felt like crap, but moved well. Didn't do much else. Did some concentration DB curls, and some flyes and called it a day.
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