Five tips for a leak-free roof this winter

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If your roof is going to spring a leak this year, chances are itís going to be during the winter. Remember that even the smallest leaks can lead to major problems like mold, rot, and pest infestations. Here are five things you can do to decrease the likelihood of a roof leak this winter; some of them may surprise you.

Have your roof inspected and repaired

Of the five tips, this one should be the least surprising. If you want to prevent a roof leak you need to make sure your roof is in good shape before winter is underway. This starts with a professional roof inspection and ends with going ahead with any repairs the roofer recommends. There are Spokane roofing companies that will do the inspection for free and provide you with an estimate for any needed work.

Clean your rain gutters

This one may seem less obvious but your rain gutters have a lot to do with preventing roof leaks. They provide a way for water to get off your roof. If theyíre clogged with leaves and other debris, water can pool up on the shingles and lead to roof leaks.

Clear debris off the roof

For the same reason you want to keep your rain gutters clean, you should keep the roof itself clean. Any debris that accumulates on your roof can impede waterís path off of your roof.

Trim tree branches

Trimming your trees will limit how often you need to clear debris out of your rain gutters and off of your roof, especially if you have a lot of taller trees that are near your home.

Replace attic insulation

What does attic insulation have to do with roof leaks? Proper insulation will keep the hot air in your home from melting snow and ice on your roof prematurely. When the ice and snow on your roof melt before itís warm enough outside, it refreezes in the rain gutters leading to ice dams and roof leaks.

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  1. jimalbott's Avatar
    always keep your rain gutters clean because once the water stay there for while , If once the water has been clogged there for while it can create yeast over the surface of the roof which on walking cause slip. So there is risk of falling down from the roof.So always hire Roofing Contractor once a year and have regular inspection of your roof.