Luxury Bathroom Color Schemes Trends 2017

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Bathroom Color Ideas

New collection of the most beautiful bathroom colors, make a luxury bathroom design ideas with using the most stylish bathroom color trends for 2016/2017. find out new color tips & tricks to make a bathroom like a spa and feel the luxurious design. and if you want bathroom remodeling ideas this will be very helpful and informative.

Bathroom Color Schemes

Warmed up grey-blue and white. One way to warm up your lighter bathroom color scheme is to incorporate warm contrasting shades into the space blue and orange are complementary colors, so this antique brass or bronzed mirror frame and firey-hued flora really bring the bathroom to life.

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Bathroom Color Trends & Designs

You could substitute many dark, dark colors in for the midnight blue and still have a striking bathroom color schemes. We like this midnight blue, with all of its subtle tonal variations in different lighting greens, blues, greys, and even blacks are all evidenced here, set off by the contrasting white tiles and fixtures.

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