Week 16 - Test Day - 29/04/17

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1x5 20 kgs
1x5 70 kgs
1x5 105 kgs
1x3 120 kgs
1x1 140 kgs
1x1 157.5 kgs
1x1 175 kgs (PR)
1x1 180 kgs (FAIL - MID WAY)


Good session. I wasn't feeling the best going in but I got the 175, which is now officially a 5 kg PR. I tried 180 and I thought I had it but my triceps died mid way, which is what I was expecting and oddly enough, I was happy afterwards given that:

a.) Getting the bar off my chest is a non-issue.
b.) Nothing like failure to make you succeed. Focus was dimming a bit, now it's back.

Can't wait to get stuck in on Monday. All I can say is that I've never dealt with a more gifted, knowledgeable, professional coach than Mike T. That's all folks.
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