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I have been a lodger in a property for 6 months now, and my landlord has now begun some 'home improvement' works. However, this work is resulting in an awful lot of soot and dirt being produced and this has now got into my room and covered all of my possessions. I also inhaled some of the soot and have experienced minor breathing issues, as well as it getting into my eye, and on clothes / bed linen.

My 6 month contract has now ended, but we had verbally agreed to continue the agreement on a rolling monthly basis.

As the property is regularly uninhabitable and I am forced to leave the house (luckily my parents don't live too far from where I am, so not such a huge issue, just massively inconvenient), I am seeking to terminate the agreement and leave the property.
Would it be safe to assume that, as the house is uninhabitable, the agreement has been breached and becomes null and void, and all previous requirements such as notice, would not be quite so rigidly applied.

If he is resistant, would it be wise to mention Health & Safety and the duty of care he owes me by law?
I would appreciate any advice on this matter.


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