Knee Pain Due to Cycling - How to Avoid or Reduce

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A pain in the knee, internally, sideways ... As soon as the snow melts, few cyclists resist the urge to make great trips to stretch their legs and get rid of their little winter fat. Result: patellar tendonitis, or the spring knee, as the Anglos say ... But how to avoid it?
It is out of the question to start riding once more with the first rays of the sun. A short heat-up consultation is needed. Some easing and a gentle healing will spare your knees. A touch bodybuilding does not harm both and we take the bike regularly.
Add-ons also have their function. We check for instance that the footwear is nicely tailored. The antique shoes in which you feel so desirable aren't your high-quality allies. We do no longer continually consider it, but shoes have an immediate effect on cycling comfort. Prefer footwear with solid and inflexible soles, designed in a gentle and nicely ventilated cloth.
How to get rid of it?
A good positioning - Make sure you adopt the correct position on your bike. And a good bike positioning starts with a good fit, ideally done by an expert. Systems like BG Fit and Retul are scientifically thought to protect the cyclist's muscles.
A good workout - It must be adapted to the muscles to strengthen. It is not by squatting with huge weights that the knees become stronger. On the contrary, an impromptu session at the gym can even make the problem worse. Instead, experts recommend that 10 to 20% of the bike workout should be stretching, activation (rolling very slowly for the first 10 minutes), and stability exercises.
A foam roll - That's the strategy in this moment. Many people recommend the foam roller to relax the steeper areas. Just roll it on the buttocks, hamstrings, quads and calves, so that these structures relax and, thereby, relax the knees.

Another easy trick to follow is to keep your ligaments warm as soon as the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius. It can be helpful to warm the muscles with a cream specially designed for this purpose.
Finally, simple advice, but so difficult to follow: it is often enough to take more time in the spring before doing long and grueling excursions. Your knees will thank you!
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