Path of Exile: How Expensive To Get Windripper Going?

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For general mapping its a lot cheaper compared to the bossing version with barrage enchant. But still super expensive.
● For bow 6L Windripper
● For chest 6L Queen of the forest (usually its the chest used)
● For quiver Rigwald Quills might be cheaper this league since you can get it with bestiary as well I guess.

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For helmet Starkonja / Rats nest / Lightpoacher with either TS projectiles enchant or barrage proj enchant. (either way is expensive). Now from here you can choose to either go magic find or boss killer. For the magic find version you will need magic find uniques (duh):

Usually they are:
● For gloves Sadimas.
● 2x Ventor rings for capping resistances or in case you dont need resists, maybe running with an aurabot you can go for 2x The Pariah which gives more quantity.
● For *boots Goldwyrms.
● The last 2 spots depend on your budget/preference and are amulet and belt.
● For belt it mainly depends on budget: Headhunter or Perandus Blazon / Bisco Leash
● For amulet: Biscos but it got nerfed this league and I havent played bestiary at all so no idea if its still used or not.

Optional currency sinks (super expensive) absolutely not needed are:
Elemental weakness on hit corruption on gloves and +1 to frenzy charges / +1 additional curse on amulet and additional arrow on quiver.
Now for bossing its a hell of a lot more expensive as you wont use IIQ gear.
You are going to need mostly rares and of course they are expensive. As follows:

You will need rare rings which usually need to have:
● Flat damage to attacks, ele damage with attacks, maximum life, accuracy, crit, resistances.
● A rare amulet Im not too familiar with rare amulets as of lately as they need elder/shaper shenanigans with extra damage added on top of damage and so on lol.

But the general noob rule I follow is still maximum life, crit multi, crit chance, accuracy, ele damage with attacks, attack speed, flat damage to attacks. Resistances should be avoided on amulet as you lose damage mods and can anyway be rolled on other slots. In the process of playing, as long as your technology is good, you will have a lot of poe orbs, and the coins will make you rich. You will soon love it.

● A rare pair of boots with usually tier 1 movement speed, maximum life, elemental resistances. If you have space I think ele damage with attacks can be crafted with masters.

● A rare pair of gloves with usually flat physical to attacks, attack speed,maximum life, resistances I guess (again gloves provide a lot of damage mods so if you can avoid getting resistances on those).

● A rare belt again this one im pretty sure its crafted with essence but its expensive so the general noob rule I again follow is looking for a stygian belt with: Maximum life, resistances, maybe strenght if you need it, a flask roll or two, ele damage with attacks.

Now of course the expensive version would be a stygian belt either essence crafted or elder/shaped with crazy mods but lets ignore those....for obvious reasons. For both versions the more projectiles you have the smoother your experience is going to be as tornado shot and barrage scale like crazy with them. They are obtainable from helmet enchant, quiver corruption, bow corruption, dying sun flask. If these are not enough for you, you can go to U4GM for more details.
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