Path of Exile: Is Red Tier Elder Difficulty Comparable To Shaper?

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Killing red tier elder is always a struggle for me (shaper dies 50% of times) would shaper even be possible? How are the two comparable?

Not really sure about the difficulty comparison, but if you're struggling to keep shaper alive during the elder fight, a frost wall gem setup will make it so the spawned units cant hit him at all since their projectiles cannot pierce the wall. It will give you a chance to get a watchers eye if you can't otherwise protect him.

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What's the best way to do this ?

I use frost wall - spell cascade - increased duration - faster casting. My build is SR totems so i just stand next to Shaper and block myself in with him while replacing totems when necessary. The walls last about 7 seconds I think and have 3 charges that refresh every 3 seconds so I never run out of them. I do take some +skill duration nodes on the tree so without them the wall would probably be around 5.5 seconds with just increased duration gem but it's still enough time to refresh them.

If you can't afford to be blocked in with the Shaper, stand in the middle by the Elder and cast the frost wall near the Shaper (not directly on him because it bugs out and doesn't cast sometimes). The furthest cascade should cover the Shaper almost entirely.

Don't use spell echo since it locks you into the cast animation for too long. Spell cascade seems to work best to cover Shaper as much as possible, and a higher level frost wall gem makes the wall longer to cover more space.

I think the spell cascade support makes a big difference since it's a bit wonky if you try to target him directly with a wall. However if you target beside him (while you're near the elder), the cascade will force a wall to appear on him.

I've done it 6 times on yellow elder and I don't think the Shaper has taken damage in any of them. It is probably more difficult to do consistently on a build that doesn't have any cast speed and can't use high level int gems though (or can't afford to dedicate 4 sockets to a frost wall setup).

I think shaper is a really easy fight once you are used to it (i.e. when you have done it 3-4 times). The main reason why people fail it/are afraid is because they panick at the idea of losing their set (1 exalt atm). The only thing that is required is some good damage and, if possible, to be range (not necessary, when damage is mandatory). Having some mobility helps also.

Watch videos about the fight before you go in. Or read useful guidance on U4GM. If you have difficulties with it, each of our 24/7 Live Chat will help you once you call us, I can add you in game. I would not advise to farm it for currency though, it is not really efficient, and can even be a loss depending of the state of the league. Don't get me started on the variance: you can litterally do 10 sets without getting anything but 3 common PoE items.

If your dps is low Elder fight is much more messy and fast paced because of portals/adds and some of his abilities. Shaper fight on the other hand is clear as day but it is less forgiving if you mess up(balls/laser/slam).
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