Path of Exile: How To Get Optimal DPS And Effecient Stat Weights?

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Why is it so hard to show correct tooltip dps? It's more of a general question because most games I have played in the past seemed to have the same issue. Why do you have to resort to third party programs like PoB or sim your character in WoW for optimal dps and effecient stat weights?

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Because a lot of DPS is conditional, things like you deal more damage if the enemy is cursed, or bleeding, or poisoned or a million other things that the game can't take into account. Hope these can help you, if you need currency in this game, U4GM is a professional and reliable team for Path of Exile and items in low price. We also promise you every order is composed by handwork earning, so it is safe to you to buy the high-quality PoE Orbs here.

Tooltip can't always be 100% precise as it depends on the enemy resistances / defences, that's why people use PoB, to see the damage including resistance against normal mobs / shaper, if they added some sort of slider to show the dps based on the resistance of the enemy it would be even harder for new players. Also certain conditions affect the dps, such as bleeding, poison, damage curses etc, it would be really confusing to have that for new players at the game.

Actually, it depends, if you can kill stuff in 2 hits chance to bleed may be better, it depends on the situation, so there's not really a way to calculate it, and it doesn't affect the tooltip because the tooltip calculates the damage per attack, and ruthless is only every 3 attacks, and even if the acted like a 33% increase it still would be incorrect, as the first 2 hits doesn't have % more damage.

Because the tooltip only takes into account the static things that are true about your character. Actually modeling DPS is significantly more complex from a conditional and interpretation side -- it's not that writing the modeling software is particularly hard, it's that for a player to understand and get useful numbers out of it they need to know what they're doing and which knobs to turn.

The damage is conditional. obviously the game can calculate it, otherwise it wouldn't know when either the player or the monster is dead. Knowing this my suggestion would be to show damagenumbers (like in many other games, think diablo, but also warframe for example).
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