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The marriage of time and expertise is one of the most ideal combinations that you should look for in a writing service. Both will guarantee a quality product when they work well together, and give an output that can fulfill the needs of their request. It’s important to ensure that these requests are received by the right people who have the right tools for the job. + - Who wins?

These two websites offer similar services and their expertise are the most ideal elements that clients look for once they come on the site, but their turnaround times and paper quality (in terms of QA and writer support) are fairly different approaches. Overall, customer satisfaction with their service is what will edge the better website - as well as push it for a platform to both attract and raise better writers.

Services offered by and

Both of these sites offer writing services that are primarily catered towards students and academic output. Each site has their own pool of writers and own way of pricing and feedback, which is something prospecting clients should keep in mind when coming to them.

Why use

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Size:  8.6 KB mainly focuses on academic support and research writing - usual writing tasks that students encounter through the semester. With free features that usually help the students that may not have enough time to do them, this website and its writers are well-primed to help with the average student’s needs when writing their paper.


• Dissertations
• Thesis
• Essays
• Term papers

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

Most of the strongest points that the website receives are all towards the quality of their work - as well as the quick turnaround times and writer support that their pool provides. In particular, their free features such as free outlines, formatting, and bibliography work match very well with most of their client’s needs.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing is determined on a count that takes words, pages, and time limit into consideration. More than that, the usual writing level demanded by the task itself can also push the price up or down, though prices (and discounts) may potentially be negotiated with the writer that takes or is assigned a particular task.

Why use

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MyBestEssay primarily provides research-heavy essays and papers - best suited for academic submissions or thesis output. While they may also be a general writing service, writers can also help assist clients with their homework or other writing tasks. Their writers are experienced in handling most aspects of research paper writing, and have proved to be very diligent in searching for sources that you can trust.


• Writing essays
• Writing research papers
• Writing dissertations
• Helping with homework

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

Most of the feedback on MyBestEssays point towards the timely delivery of the output required by the writers involved, as well as the finesse that requests are handled. Features that are normally charged towards the client such as spell checking or plagiarism checking have proven to be very well-received by their customer base.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing is determined via standard output requirements - date, kind of output, level of writing experience required, and word count. Discounts are offered seasonally, or via frequency of orders.


With the same amount of services, it would be difficult to choose a clear, overall winner for this match up. But the writers at have proved to be more adept and quicker with project turnaround time than the writers at MyBestEssay. While students can certainly choose between either one for the sake of being sure about the quality of the output they can receive, the overall performance of TopEssayWriting’s pool of writers put them at the top.


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