The Class/Job Process is endlessly enjoyable

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Final Fantasy XIV is unique to other people when it comes to its course system, and here's why:

After a player reaches level 10 with their starting class, they can change freely between any course in the sport. This is done only by equipping a courses weapon. Every category has its own unique leveling progression. This implies that in the event you've got a flat 30 Lancer, but Cheap FFXIV Gil change to a Gladiator for the very first time, your Gladiator degree will begin at 1.

As soon as you get a class to level 30, you are able to increase its own designated secondary class to level 15 to unlock a particular Job, which unlocks powerful abilities and traits. Pugilists - hand combatants - can level up a Lancer to 15, to which they could then become a Monk. Every class can progress into a Job; Arcanists however can chose between two Jobs.

A Job can also borrow particular abilities from its secondary course, which cheap ffxiv gil sale may be switched around at any time. The sole exception to this is with the brand new Jobs introduced in Heavensward, which require no courses - nevertheless can still borrow abilities from the secondary - and - begin at level 30 after unlocked.Gone will be the days which you require alts to try out other types of play - this system provides you flexibility to test your hand whatsoever. You will also receive an experience bonus for each course you reach maximum level.
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