Fortnite Has Over 40 Million Monthly Active Users

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Tencent reported its Q1 2018 earnings earlier today and inside of computer came a fascinating nugget of data. Tencent reported which the wildly successful battle royale game Fortnite featuring "over 40 million monthly active users across PC and console". The reason this was released during Tencent's earnings report happens because they're a big shareholder in Fortnite Skins developer, Epic Games (Tencent owns 40% of Epic). 40 million monthly active users is definitely an incredible feat, especially since the action hasn't launched in China yet. While Fortnite isn't most popular PC game from the world, it's slowly trying to find there. League of Legends currently holds that title with 100 million monthly active users.
League of Legends didn't be able to 100 million monthly active users overnight though. In 2012 League of Legends boasted 32 million MAUs (monthly active users), then in 2014 it jumped to 67 million MAUs, and also to over 100 million MAUs in 2016. Fortnite's only been out for any year whilst still being has a lot of room to develop. Will it surpass League of Legends? Who knows. I think it incorporates a good shot in internet marketing.
While Buy Fortnite Items is thriving, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is slowly shedding users. Fortnite is definitely over doubly big as PUBG but it appears to be that lead is set to develop as PUBG shrinks and Fortnite grows. According to Steamcharts, the overall game's one month average concurrent playerbase sits at ~984,000, down from 1.1m in April, and 1.3m in March, and 1.4m in February, and 1.6m in January. Neither Steam or Bluehole reports monthly active users, so an apples to apples comparison is tough. I suspect one from the key reasons Fortnite been able to pull drastically before PUBG is its unengaged to play business structure and much better optimizations. Time will inform if PUBG can return to growth, but for the present time, Fortnite reigns supreme because king of battle royale.
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