TERA Is The Number One Played MMORPG On Steam

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Today were overjoyed to disclose that since its launch on Steam on May 5th, 2015, TERA is the number one most played MMORPG on Steam! Pulling ahead from the likes of Neverwinter, Rift, ArcheAge, and also The Elder Scrolls Online within the very limited time since launching within the platform, and rendering it among the best free to experience Tera Items games on Steam as well.

TERA has seen massive growth with this time, with new and returning players alike pushing the total variety of registered accounts close to 4.5 million in North America alone, and 20 million globally. This huge increase in numbers follows the action MMORPG’s Fate of Arun expansion launch late last year also as the landing with the explosively fun new Gunner class very recently.

As you could expect, players happen to be very busy in game – with 97,847 active guilds, there are lots of communities from which to choose. Daily, adventurers kill over 6 000 0000 Big-Ass Monsters and clear over 70 thousand dungeons. Daily. In addition to these crazy high numbers, since TERA launched on Steam, players have traveled far enough to circle the Earth over 7,500 times! And did you know that should you had some money for every gold looted in TERA since Steam launch, you might buy 10x Gabe Newells?

With it’s fast-paced action combat and fantastic free to Tera Gold experience business model, there is very little wonder TERA is progressing so well at this time. Check it out on Steam today!
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