How to Find Gold Chests, Grab Loot and Survive in Fortnite

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Epic Gamesí update has brought five brand new locations to the previously barren and unpopulated western side of the map. From a haunted graveyard to seaside apartments and a rusty junkyard, the new additions add even more enjoyment to a game that was already a delight to play. Here are the best tips for each new location Ė follow these to ensure that youíre ready and raring to dive into everything the new map update has to offer.

Haunted Hills
Situated in the top-left section of the map between Junk Junction and Pleasant Park, Haunted Hills is a crumbling, beaten down graveyard containing a series of mausoleums and small tombstones.

When you first go to land here, make sure you look in the top window of the tallest tower as there is sometimes a gold chest hidden away just behind the window ledge. Landing there directly is an effective way to shave off time as it saves you having to build your way up to the top with materials, giving you an advantage over other players who may have touched down in the area. Itís also a fantastic sniping spot if you can find a scoped gun.

If you can hear the coveted gold chest sound while exploring the mausoleums but you still canít find it after scouring every room and roof rafter, it could actually be buried away under the floor in a secret room. Thereís also almost always a gold chest sat in a small fenced-off grave site in the top-west section of the Hills.

Tilted Towers
Located just south of Loot Lake, Tilted Towers is a city-like settlement filled with tall buildings and towers. The abundance of buildings means itís a hotspot for loot, making it one of the most popular places among players so if you decide to head there, be prepared to brawl.

The fact that the city is comprised mostly of towers means itís a great place to head to and hole up if youíve found yourself a sniper or a scoped gun Ė just be careful not to lose your footing as falling from a great height could prove deadly!

Just like Haunted Hills, you can land atop the tallest building (in this case, itís the clock tower) to find a hidden golden chest, sometimes even two. You may find yourself fighting for it with other players though, so make sure youíve got your landing technique down before you attempt the grab so you can be the first one there.

Two trucks are parked in a tunnel running underneath the city, one of which will have a gold chest in its cargo. The other can have a variety of items on the bed of the truck, so if you head down here, youíre guaranteed to get a weapon one way or another, keeping out of the way of the carnage above.

Snobby Shores
Snobby Shores lies northwest of Greasy Grove on the western side of the map and is a high-class residential area comprised of five separate fenced-off houses. Being self-contained means that each building is filled to the brim with loot, although it also means that itís a breeding ground for close-combat encounters Ė so be on your guard.

If you land on top of the northernmost mansion and mine through the roof, youíll find a gold chest in the attic and another stashed away under a staircase. The southernmost flat-topped house hides a secret underground bunker containing up to three chests. To find it, enter the residence and head to the room to the south. Youíll see a wooden dresser here Ė smash it down to reveal a hidden staircase leading down into the shelter. Smash the second dresser down here to reveal the chests.

Junk Junction
Junk Junction is a small junkyard just north of Haunted Hills, comprised of vehicle crushers, car piles, and a huge crane. It's ideal if youíre the type of player who likes to head to the furthest corners of the map to try and avoid other people.

Although running around on the ground and taking shelter behind the huge car piles may seem appealing to you, make sure to check on top of them for loot as they often house desirable weapons and health items. The piles are close together too, meaning you donít have to use your building materials to construct bridges between them and can simply jump from stack to stack. Once youíve checked them all, make sure to whip out your pickaxe and destroy all of the piles for a tonne of metal to use when building later.

There is almost always a golden chest sat in the orange car crusher in the northern section of the area but other than that, it isnít the best area for rare loot. It is very close to Haunted Hills though, so stop off there afterward if youíre not satisfied with your findings.

Shifty Shafts
Shifty Shafts is a mining complex positioned on the southwest section of the map between Tilted Towers and Flush Factory. Itís one of the busiest areas so make sure to land quickly if you want to survive. Upon landing, look for a white hut on stilts on the western side of the mines as it almost always houses a golden chest.
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