Sexy Bunny Suits Unveiled for Action MMORPG Soul Worker

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Following while using the release of summer outfits, the anime action MMORPG Soul Worker Dzenai teased a fresh trailer introducing the most popular Sexy Bunny Suits per in the current playable characters. Just like each inside other special outfits inside the game, players who equip this outfit is competent to do special emotes shown inside trailer.
Set really city which disappeared suddenly along with buildings and citizens, Soul Worker presents players a huge wasteland, where female psychics combat unknown creatures to emerge from and rescue this maze-like city. The instance system in Soul Worker is called MAZE, which perfectly combines instance challenges and maze puzzles. Through this MAZE system, players can find out relevant instance and rebuild the venue.
Gameforge announced the cooperation with South Korean studio Lion Games to talk about action MMORPG SoulWorker Dzenai in EU and NA regions, however, no exact beta or release date is revealed, please far more for more.
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