Maplestory M Experimental Accession

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And finally, I thought accuracy should provide us a chance of dealing on 1 Maplestory M Mesos of damage on creatures with counter tops weapon atk and cancel magical attack. With limit precision there should have a 10% chance to deal with damage, then for archers it ought to be a little higher because they have a lot of accuracy.

Ok now I'm done with my thoughts about this present cap damage system and issues it can bring. Also done to indicate some stuffs to balance classes and also to bring RPG facet. In addition, I want decent skills from potential system being deleted!! Because it actually doesnt help. We have classes with these buffs x.x

Don't forget guys, this really is a MMORPG!!!! Which comprises RPG And play with this game for fun please by appreciating all contents the game offers.Your thought about the current cap harm men? And about class rebalance? Any suggestions to fix those issues? Should Nexon be stricted with individuals who break ToS? What do you think about stats in general, such as all harm system?

You are welcome to leave positive comments here. If you don't agree with my main article or alternative participant opinions, please do not attack them and be more constructive. Certain classes have way too many traces, especially Wild Hunter using 3 lines of Hurricane, therefore we might think about reducing number of lines to make it even more fair.Final EDIT: If we could decrease pay2win facet and boosting RPG aspect even more, we can significantly decrease the quantity of prohibited transactions.

At same time, about putting CS items into FM store like KMS does, it will promote damage More About Maplestory Mesos aspect by a lot in my view. So we can suggest to substantially increase drop rate of cubic cubes and blades should be instanced drop, nevertheless untradeable XD AND from bosses just, NOT elite boss. If they want, they can still put decorative items in FM shop.

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