How to access mail from the normal phone?Read This Guide

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If you want to access your email like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or Bellsouth, then steps are mentioned here as under:
• Open support page from the browser.
• Read on-screen instructions and click on ‘Web and apps’. If you don’t know how to open this page, then click on ‘How to browse mail’ menu.
• Enter username and password in the next couple of fields.
• It must be remembered that no field should be left blank.

BellSouth Email Login*|*BellSouth Net Email Login*|*BellSouth Email Settings


  1. HP-Support's Avatar
    This is well-described steps I just wanted to know that can I open my AT&T Email through the same above mentioned steps and does it also support AT&T Email services. for more information related to this visit AT&T Email Support
  2. Monetey's Avatar
    Hmm, I didn't know that such problems can appear with phones. After all, main operating systems have pre-installed browsers, email apps, and markets. Strange. What's really important to know when you use a phone is phone/area codes. The main utility is calling after all, isn't it? So I'd recommend this site On this page, you can see area codes of Singapore but you can find here any country you need.