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Even before you begin writing the assignment, you should take a quick look at the prompt given to you by your professor and see whether you understand the requirements thoroughly or not. And if you are still not sure, you can approach an assignment service with the thought, “who can do my assignment for me?”
It’s quite usual for students, who are in a rush to prepare the assignments, to just look at the prompt, and dive into writing the paper quickly, only to discover later that some crucial details on the particular topic are missing so the effort the student puts into assignment writing goes to waste completely.
Peer feedback is one very effective for teaching and learning. With the proper implementation of this system, the students get the chance to think about their own learning and learn what they can do to better themselves with proper write my assignment. This process is also great for the teachers because they don’t get the time to give personal feedback to each student. So, by using these techniques teachers can implement an effective peer feedback system and create a great classroom culture.


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