Software development process.

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Hello to all programmers. I am sure that only working in a team you can get a great technical product. Tell us what tools do you use for software development?
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  1. Marion's Avatar
    I don't think it's necessary to stick to management methodology in software development. Our IT team is assisted in planning the Gantt chart It is convenient, simple and clear for all team members. I am sure that the final result and the quality of the product depend on the coherence of the team. Try also to work with the system Hygger.
  2. Monetey's Avatar
    I'd say working in a solid team can bear fruit. However, exceptions happen and it all depends on particular cases. I, for one, took a part in designing some products and it was efficient exactly due to cooperation. Go to Article to find out how to build smart speaker skill. This was one of our projects and I believe it was successful.