Kansas City Chiefs defensive trends and tabulation for Week 4

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Ladies and gentlemen Youth Steven Nelson Jersey , a big hand for your 25th ranked (in points per game) Kansas City Chiefs!OK, so that’s supremely excessive for the worst defense in the league in yards, yards per rush and first downs per game. It also ranks near the bottom in passing yards per game, yards per play and basically anything that isn’t third-down percentage (1st in the league) or sacks (12th in the league).It was a better performance this week against the Denver Broncos on the surface, with yards and points at their lowest marks of the season, and the Chiefs found a little more pressure on the quarterback. However, missed tackles and blown coverages continued, with the addition of some miserable run defense to the tune of 7.2 yards per carry.Basically, they’re still bad.Fortunately, for Arrowhead Pride readers, I sat down and charted this week’s game to get all the numbers for you so you can see where the Chiefs were bad, worse and slightly OK throughout this week’s 60 snaps.The numbersThe Chiefs lined up in their base 3-4 formation 16.6 percent of the time, typically against the Broncos 12, 21 and 22 personnel. In those snaps, the opposition gained a staggering 9.86 yards per play and 7.78 yards per carry. Quite simply, the “run-stopping” defense didn’t stop the run.The Chiefs lined up in their nickel defense with two down linemen and four linebackers 41.6 percent of the time, making it their preferred formation once again. They allowed a not-too-shabby 4.43 yards per play out of this formation.The Chiefs showed their dime defense 16.6 percent of the snaps this week. On those snaps, the Broncos gained 5.41 yards per play.The Chiefs dropped an outside linebacker on 39.5 percent of the snaps in Week 4. That’s higher than usual this season, and once again, the vast majority of them came out of the 3-4 defense. Those plays gave up an abysmal 10.53 yards per play, and on average, the quarterback threw the ball in 2.08 seconds. Needless to say, dropping the outside linebackers didn’t give quarterback Case Keenum much pause this week.The Chiefs sent extra rushers 23.7 percent of the time. That’s the season record thus far for Sutton’s defense! Those plays gave up 7.88 yards per play and the quarterback got rid of the ball in 2.28 seconds, on average. The Chiefs showed pressure, brought a rusher from the second level while dropping another rusher, ran a stunt or blitzed on 42.1 percent of the snaps, which is ridiculously high for a Bob Sutton defense.The Chiefs rushed three players on THREE SNAPS. After a week with only a single three-man rush, Sutton dialed up a total of three this week. Those resulted in an average of 8.66 yards per play and an average time to throw of 1.92 seconds. Clearly, flooding the secondary with extra bodies or from abnormal areas was not effective this week.The Chiefs rushed four players on 68.4 percent of the passing snaps. Those snaps resulted in a reasonable 5.19 yards per play and an average time to throw of 2.35 seconds.The Chiefs were in man coverage on 73.7 percent of the passing snaps. Those snaps resulted in 7.51 yards per play and an average time to throw of 2.20 seconds. After a zone-heavy Week 3, the Chiefs reverted back to more of a man-coverage scheme this week. They played press-man coverage 60.4 percent of the time with their corners and slot safeties. That’s the lowest press percentage of the season for the Chiefs defense.The Chiefs were in zone coverage 26.3 percent of the passing snaps. Those snaps resulted in a stellar 2.1 yards per play and an average time to throw of 2.55 seconds. Even though some coverages were blown that weren’t capitalized upon this week, this number would still have been trending downward form week to week.The average time to throw this week was 2.30 seconds. When the Chiefs forced the throw under 2.5 seconds (21 plays), they allowed 6.55 yards per play. When the throw took longer than 2.5 seconds (13 plays) Allen Bailey Jersey , they allowed 8.61 yards per play. Keenum got the ball out of his hands especially quick this week trying to avoid the Chiefs rush.Something goodI’ve spent this first quarter of this season detailing how poor the Chiefs secondary has been in passing players and executing their zone responsibilities. So when I found an opportunity to highlight a good play out of the Chiefs Cover 3, I took the opportunity.Here, the Chiefs are in a Cover 3 Buzz look, with Eric Murray spinning down as the weak-side hook defender. Kendall Fuller has the underneath boundary zone as the strong-side apex defender, and Orlando Scandrick has the deep boundary third behind him.Denver runs an out route, targeting the seam between the Fuller/Scandrick zones. Fuller gets good zone depth and takes away the quick throwing lane while still keeping an eye on the running back in the flat. This forces Keenum to have to loft the ball over Fuller, and that air underneath the ball allows Scandrick to get a good break on the ball and knock it away.When most think of present-day Sutton, they don’t think of especially risky pass rush plans. This week, with a higher blitz percentage, we got to see some more adventurous blitzes and the blitz shown above is definitely one of them.After a fourth-and-1 conversion late in the first half, the Chiefs found themselves backed up against their own end zone. The Broncos had one timeout remaining with 48 seconds left in the half. Sutton made a gutsy call to send six rushers and run a Cover Zero shell, meaning there’s no safety deep to keep a lid on the defense when the Broncos go empty. Each member of the secondary is man to man with a skill position player.Due to this gamble, the cornerbacks are lined up in off-man coverage. This makes sure they keep all the routes in front of them, because the ball is likely coming out quickly with the extra pass rushers. Keenum calls an audible and calls a bubble screen to beat the blitz, which it does. This is a positive outcome for the Chiefs defense.By forcing the bubble screen audible, the Chiefs are able to close quickly on the receiver and tackle him in bounds, wasting both a down and forcing the Broncos to use their final timeout. This limits the number of plays the Broncos can run in their remaining downs before the half without that extra timeout.By forcing the issue, Sutton gave the Chiefs one of two outcomes if it’s not an incompletion: stopping the play in bounds for a short/no gain or getting home with the blitz. Either way, Denver has to burn its final timeout. The Chiefs defense held to a red-zone field goal right before half, and this play was a key ingredient in that outcome.Something badThere was plenty of blown coverage this week, but the Chiefs defense was by far at its worst against the run. The Broncos especially targeted Ron Parker as a box safety in the run on Monday.It’s first and goal on the above play, and Denver recognizes Parker in the box, up on the line. They motion Demaryius Thomas over Parker, and off the snap, Thomas blows the gap wide open, putting Parker on his back.Elsewhere, Anthony Hitchens shoots the A gap off Allen Bailey’s inside shoulder. The guard/tackle combo block stalls Bailey initially, and the guard pulls back to knocks Hitchens to the ground. The tackle has leverage on Bailey, and is able to move him easily out of the gap.The Broncos routinely moved Chiefs defenders well out of the play and got to the second level often, taking out the second and third-level run defenders. Denver completely bossed the Chiefs front all game long and when the Chiefs defenders did get some push, well......the Chiefs couldn’t tackle.At all levels, the Chiefs routinely find themselves in good positions to make a play Authentic Chris Jones Jersey , yet can’t bring down the ballcarrier due to poor tackling. Above, Bailey does great work to read the play, shed the blocker and attacks running back Royce Freeman in the gap. He hits Freeman square, but doesn’t wrap up and Freeman is able to run away into the second level. Parker misses a tackle coming up in support, and what should be a tackle for no gain or a short gain instead results in a chunk play setting up the Broncos for a second and short yardage.Something you may have missedIt wasn’t all awful in the run game this week. Here’s a fantastic play you might have missed from safety Eric Murray. After a tight end motions inside, Murray crashes down to become the force defender and blows up the fullback, forcing the running back to cut back into the defense, where Reggie Ragland has stacked a pulling guard, and Dee Ford is able to track down in pursuit to make the tackle.Murray gets no stat for this, but good film study tipped him off on this play and he was able to completely blow it up so the running back couldn’t reach the edge. Murray had a solid day in run support and a good day in coverage. This kind of dirty work is indicative of the types of things some may miss out of Murray on a week-to-week basis.The bottom lineIsaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY SportsWe’re not a quarter of the way through the season, and the conclusion has been basically the same: this is a bad defense.They’re not executing, still missing tackles and blowing coverage right and left. I’ve heard claims against Sutton’s scheme, but the execution is so poor that it’s hard to even begin to see the scheme.Quite simply, they need to hit the “reset” button on this defense. Start brand new this week, wipe away the first quarter of the season, and pretend it’s the start of the season all over again. These are basic mental mistakes that every single one of these players are capable of cleaning up.Luckily, the Chiefs offense is buying this defense time to figure out their side of the ball and correct these very correctable mistakes. With two very important games in the next two weeks, let’s hope the defense can start climbing out of the basement of the NFL.Chiefs beat 49ers: 9 winners and 5 losers The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers, 38-27, Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium to improve to 3-0 on the 2018 season.These are the winners and losers.WinnersThree and flow.Photo by David Eulitt/Getty ImagesFor the third week in a row, Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes is our first Sunday winner after, for the second week in a row, making NFL history. Just one week after breaking the two-game NFL touchdown record, Mahomes broke the three-game touchdown record. Mahomes now stands alone as the only quarterback with 13 touchdowns in the first three games of an NFL season. Mahomes finished the game 24 for 38 for 314 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. The above photo of Mahomes was taken by old friend David Euliit after the game—definitely looking a bit more Chia Pat than Showtime in that snap.Mahomes’ No. 1 recipient Sunday was tight end Travis Kelce, who recorded a team-high eight receptions on 10 targets for 114 yards. Kelce had 100-plus yards for the second game in a row. He has 14 100-plus-yard games in his career. Kelce’s productive game included this ridiculous, OBJ-like catch:Wide receiver Sammy Watkins had a strong game, and it included a play in which he caught the ball at the 9-yard line and had to dart up the field between several defenders to score his first touchdown of the season (watch here). Watkins finished the game with five catches for 55 yards a touchdown.’Using the eye test, it appears that outside linebacker Justin Houston isn’t the same player. He seems slower and lacks explosion. With that being said, Houston managed two sacks against Jimmy Garoppolo and two forced fumbles Sunday. He also had five tackles. For those statistics and those statistics alone, Houston is a winner. I am still curious about whether he feels 100 percent.I was impressed with Richard Sherman, who Youth Eric Fisher Jersey , prior to leaving the game with an injury, did a very nice job of staying with Tyreek Hill on an absolute bomb from Mahomes early in the game. Very few defensive backs in the league can keep up with Hill, let alone break up that pass. Unfortunately for Sherman and the 49ers, he was seen in a walking boot after the game.Speaking of Hill, he made another magnificent leaping catch on Sunday.Peter Schrager, a sideline reporter for the game and an Arrowhead Pride lobbyist, finally had his opportunity to meet the love of his life in Mahomes this weekend. Here is a picture of Schrager and Mahomes at the game’s romantic picnic production meeting: In each of the past two weeks, I added myself to the losers list when I picked against the Chiefs and was incorrect. Well everybody, I finally learned my lesson, and this week, I am a winner.LosersDenny Medley-USA TODAY SportsI know he had the fourth touchdown of his career, which I promise I appreciate, but TE Demetrius Harris can’t get out of his own way when it comes to dropping the football. Harris’ drop came on a key third down after the half when the Chiefs had an opportunity to set the second-half tone and put the game out of reach. Instead, the ball went in and out of Harris’ hands. After the Harris drop, the 49ers began to creep back into the game, cutting it as close as 35-24 late in the third quarter. This is where you’d hope the entire Chiefs defense would step in, but once again, it provided a scare. The Chiefs offense looks like it could be historically good this season while their defense looks like it could be historically bad. The Chiefs were actually out-gained by the 49ers, 406-384 on Sunday. It appears that the offense will continue to put up big numbers each week, but one of these weeks, the defense is going to give up two many points and the Chiefs are going to find themselves on the wrong end of a shootout. I know Ron Parker knows the defense, but I question whether he’d be a starter anywhere else in the league. Rumors regarding safety Earl Thomas are picking up steam. One move may not fix the problem, but it will be a good start.Denny Medley-USA TODAY SportsJust when you think Dee Ford is about to have the best year of his career, the injury bug strikes again. Ford recorded his second sack of the season but had to leave the game due to a groin injury. Ford once again told reporters this offseason he was as healthy as he’s ever been, but here he is with another scheduled MRI on Monday. Ford may be talented, but unfortunately, he may also just be injury-prone.And speaking of injuries, Eric Berry will now be added to this list each week until he either plays or is placed on injured reserve. In case you forgot, here is what the Chiefs owe Berry (via Spotrac), until 2023. Berry carries a hefty price tag for his position of team inspirational speaker.
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