Knee pain: What can Cause it and How to Treat?

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Knee pain is a symptom that can arise due to joint wear, excess weight or sports injuries that can occur during a run or a soccer game and it is one of common knee problems.

However, when the medial knee pain in the knee prevents walking or worsens over time, it may signal a more serious problem such as rupture of the ligaments, osteoarthritis or Baker's cyst, which can be confirmed through imaging tests such as an x-ray or a computed tomography.

However, pain in back of knee, in most cases, is not serious and can be treated at home with the application of ice 2 times a day, during the first 3 days after the onset of pain. In addition to this, the use of a knee brace to cure for knee pain throughout the day helps to immobilize it, decreasing the pain while waiting for the consultation.

What can cause knee pain?

The main causes of knee pain are:

1. Pain in the lateral part of the knee, when running or after the run : it is usually the iliotibial band friction syndrome that must be treated with anti- inflammatory, stretching and myofascial release. It may also indicate lateral meniscus injury or injury to the lateral collateral ligament of the knee.

2. Pain in the knee in the internal part: it can arise due to a sprain of the knee, caused by a blow to the lateral part of the knee, causing inflammation on the side opposite to the trauma, tendinitis of the goose's foot, injury in the medial collateral ligament or even a rupture of the same medial meniscus. It can be sort out by therapy for knee pain.

3. Pain in the back of the knee: you may suspect the presence of a Baker's cyst, a small swelling that appears behind the knee and that causes increased pain when the patient bends or bends the knee.

4. Pain in the front of the knee: it can be a patellar chondromalacia and can be sort out by arthritis knee pain treatment.

5. Pain in the knee when waking up: it is more common after the 40 years and, generally, it is related to the existence of rheumatoid arthritis in the articulation, reason why the pain is more frequent during the first minutes of the morning, and it improves with the movement.

6. Pain in the knee when bending over: one of the common causes is patellar chondropathy, which is the wear of the joint around the kneecap, or injury to the meniscus.

7. Pain in the knee when walking , at the end of the day or standing for a long time: it can be a sign of osteoarthritis, which causes knee wear, and as the disease gets worse, there is stiffness in the knee when getting up in the morning and it improves with rest.

8. Pain in the knee when bending the leg: may indicate injury to the meniscus.

9. Pain in the knee when stretching the leg: it may indicate a tendon injury or rupture of the patellar ligament.

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